Thank You

A Message from Bluudy


Hello Everyone, 

Building Bluudys Garage (formerly Absolute Modicts) has sure been a roller coaster ride since day one. The channel has grown from strength to strength with each passing month. 

The channel has had a variety of vehicles pass by the camera lens over the years from the current Toyota Supra right back to the original Mk5 Astra 1.9 CDTI.

There has been many fun moments when filming the videos for you guys to watch, to the point where I can sit back and laugh about the times when we have just been howling at each other. 

Times have changed in the last year or so, As I'm no longer near my fellow members of Absolute Modicts due to me moving away, This prompted the change of name to something that suits me a little more, and is a little more related to what I do.

What I want to say to you guys is Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. without you guys watching, commenting, subscribing and following me on social media, I just wouldn't be able to continue making videos.

I will admit my camera skills and editing skills are not superb, but I try my best for you guys with each video. And I will endeavor to continue making these videos as long as I have you guys behind me.

Thank you so much for the fun - Luke


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