AutoVox - wireless reverse camera

In this video I install a wireless reversing camera onto my Toyota Supra. This is a great little unit, that comes with its own 3.5 inch TFT colour screen which makes mounting the unit great. Its really simple to connect into the reversing light for a power feed, that's all you need. Huge thanks to the guys at AutoVox for this huge discount for our Bluudys Garage Fans.

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seicane 10.1 inch ford focus touchscreen

An amazing 10.1 inch touchscreen android unit for ford focus MK2s. comes with Bluetooth, GPS and Wifi and can accept connections for subwoofer, cameras and more! Huge thanks to Siecane for offering our Bluudys Garage fans this great discount.

Seicane Website

5% discount code - AFFSC-2305-KGKW0-ANSK

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ANCEL AD410 OBD Reader Review

Great little OBD Tools for diagnosing Engine Management Light. In this video I connect it up to the Ford Focus ST 2.5 Petrol Turbo to check for codes and run diagnostics.
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This great device will help boost your battery if your struggling to start your car especially in these cold early mornings. This great booster pack has some really handy functions, including a torch and the ability to also charge your phone with this great device. Thanks to the great guys at Audew we have managed to obtain a unique discount for the Bluudys Garage Fans!

Amazon Link - 20% Off Discount code: EQ5K8Z6K

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