94 Toyota Supra NA-T Build

Technical Information

Current Confirmed Power – 330BHP –
An upgrade to the injectors (550s or 600cc) and a 255 fuel pump would see approx. 500BHP 


Standard 2JZ-GE block and head. Only changes are Twin Turbo Head Gasket (TT) with Uprated ARP head studs and nuts.


T4 turbo from Rocketdog Racing (Used for many NA-T conversion) A/R.71 

Capable of approx. 600BHP

Fuel rail 

Standard rail with standard pressure


Stock 330cc injectors which come with the 2JZ-GE as standard. These injectors will be maxed out at about 350 BHP.

Exhaust Manifold 

The manifold was obtained second-hand from a NA-T build that was running 1000 BHP in a pick up truck. It has been custom made and not from a kit. Its a tubular manifold with a T4 flange and pipe for external wastegate.


3 inch downpipe with V clamp and 2x single wire universal lambda sensors to 3 inch decat and 3.25 inch HKS cat back.


Tial rep 46mm wastegate (Purple) with 30cm long screamer pipe. It currently has a 7 psi spring fitted, as there is currently no boost controller. Came with stronger springs  for increasing the PSI if needed later in the build

Blowoff valve 

We are not running a BOV on this set up, thats why you can hear the turbo flutter loudly when you let off the throttle. Didnt see a need for a BOV with such little PSI.

Oil lines 

Oil line and flanges was cheap sets off of ebay. The return was cut down to size, and the oil feed is 36 inches long with 2x p clamps holding the pipe over the top of the engine. All flanges have extra sealant designed for oil joints to help avoid leaks. Once the build has proven to be reliable and work, i will change these lines as first port of call.

Sandwich Plate 

Cheap sandwich plate off ebay which has multiple fitments, with the correct 4an pipe fitting for the oil feed pipe. The one used on my build is black.

Vaccum Lines 

The vaccum lines that are used are 3mm in diameter. The new additional vaccum lines run connect the boost gauge to the inlet and wastegate to the throttle body. There is also another vaccum line thats been cut and a feed attached to the 3 bar map sensor.s

Air Filter 

HKS Green mushroom style filter. Currently connected to the turbo with a 4 inch silicone hose. 


The intercooler has a 3 inch core, and came as part of a kit with 3 inch aluminium hoses and silicone joints. The pipes have been cut to size to make them fit, and we have a 3 inch to 2.5 inch 90 degree reducer. The intercooler is mounted to the front bumper support and sub frame with customer made brackets to hold the weight. Capable of up to 600BHP without getting a bigger core to help disperse the the heat quicker 

Boost gauge 

Cheap gauge bought from Ebay for 15 quid.

AFR Gauge
AEM Air Fuel Ratio Gauge connected to the sensor into the 3 inch down pipe. Fitted into the dashboard at present loosely

Emanage Ultimate connected into the main Toyota Supra engine loom with 3 bar map sensor. 

Forerunner distributor cap, drilled to fit securely with 3 screws. Cap was 32 quid from ebay. But can be obtained from a motor factors or even toyota.

HT Leads 

Standard HT leads that have been swapped order to match the supra, as well as replacing one of the shorter leads with another longer one. Add detail 


Originally it has the NA Auto gearbox. This has been swapped for the manual W58 gearbox and has a Stage 3, 6 paddle clutch fitted.


Front brakes have been upgraded from the old JSPEC to the Lexus LS400 front brake 4 pot calipers with slightly larger discs. The rears are still on the JSPEC brake set up.

I believe that to be all the vital pieces of the build. If you would like to know more information, please either visit the YouTube channel, or contact me using the links to my Facebook.

Thank you for reading.

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