Project Flip - Vauxhall Corsa

Check out the playlist of videos which was filmed on this 2002 Vauxhall Corsa as a Flip Project. Because of this it gained the Name Project Flip.

Fixing the Flip


Engine Service

One this this car needed was a service, it had been 2 years since its last one. So the engine was treated to a engine flush, oil change, plugs and filter swap.


Oil Leak

When this car arrived it had an oil leak. With the amount of oil down the underneath of the car you would have thought it was huge! but oh know, a cheap oil pressure sensor later and this was resolved and cleaned up.


Exhausting Issues..

After fixing the exhaust for the first time, you guys wasn't happy with how it was done, So I dropped the exhaust again and tapped a new thread and stud into the cat. Happy now guys?

The End of Project Flip

So Many Videos

This was a great project for the channel, we managed to make 16 videos on this little car before the end. Thats awesome. Thanks to all of you new guys coming to the channel and checking out the project.

Project Flip - Full Playlist

All videos for this project are in the playlist of videos below. Click to watch.